Moving into our home has been bittersweet

Yes! We are officially home owners and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve painted the interior of the house, got a few things set up, and the animals moved in. 

It was a lot of late nights this past week painting, by the way, I’m never painting again. We have a vaulted ceiling and it’s the Wall that stretches over our stairs starting in the living room and ends in the kitchen on the wall the cabinets are on. Let’s just say I was a little more than terrified when my husband got on a ladder to cut in the edges. It took us 2 days, but it’s painted and I am a self proclaimed color genius. “You can’t pick two colors on the same swatch” they said “that will look strange” they mocked. 

I beg to differ. It looks incredible.

Fight me Susan, my home looks elegant AF. 

Along with the good things, came some frustrating things. Like the 6 foot microfiber beanbag my mom bought us dyes everything that touches it black and we have to return it which won’t be easy because it’s filled with memory foam and was compressed into a cube when we got it.   The house was filthy when we moved in as well, which was a lovely gift from the previous owners. “Congrats on buying our place, have fun scrubbing a PB&J off the wall”  to that I say, fuck you Susan. 

Now I have a lesson to anyone buying a house, make sure in the closing agreement, that it is either specified to be professionally cleaned, or deep cleaned so you don’t have to move into a dirty home. Or you can save enough money and hire a pro to go on the day of closing and clean everything while you move your stuff in. Also, if you’re going to paint and you have a garage, keep everything in the garage until you are done and only move things like the bed and something small to sit on in. 

Upside, we finally live with our animals! They are no longer at my in-laws home!!! The downside? The move stressed Clyde out and now he’s sick. There’s only one avian vet in the area that I can find and it won’t be cheap to take him there, but that’s the price I pay for having an exotic animal. I love him so any cost is worth him being healthy and happy. I’m hoping it’s minor and that he will be okay, but I’m terrified. I love him so much I don’t think I can handle losing him.

Moving has been bittersweet. I’m very happy with the home that we have purchased and am very happy to have my own space again finally. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking dealing with some of the things that have happened due to the move, but I have a feeling it will work out. 

This post is too long already, I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Moving into our home has been bittersweet

  1. I just moved into my new house too, but we had new furniture delivered before we even thought about paint. Now the swatches have made an appearance and we are getting closer to actually painting, I don’t think it will be so bad since we still don’t have too much furniture to move around. And those walls are beautiful!! Nicely done! And that line!! Hubba hubba. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was fun for a bit, but after a while it was so draining painting everything. There’s a wall in the kitchen painted brown from the previous owners because I decided I didn’t want to paint another wall 😂 everything looks good with gray though, so I think we’re good.

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